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Hey, everybody -- been away for a couple years, and now I'm not.

Last night, I went back and looked at the many hundreds of posts I'd made over the decade that connects now to when I first opened up a dA page, and remembered what a remarkable creative community I'd been lucky enough to be a part of. I still get emails from fans of the old work I posted here. I still get well-wishes on my birthday. This place is great. 

I'm going to start posting up here again. For commissions, sketches, and the odd page, it's hard to beat this place as a catalogue of ongoing art. I'll keep y'all in the loop about developments in my creator-owned work, like SAN HANNIBAL, and when this company book I'm working on hits the shelves I'll begin posting some of the original art for that, too.

Most of all, I'll be soliciting criticism and advice on my developing ability to create dynamic, thoughtful, exciting comics -- just like you all did when I was fifteen and couldn't draw feet. 

Looking forward to renewing our acquaintance!

Oh, hey! Didn't see you there.

I'm up to a couple things. Most visibly, I'm helping make a pair of comics over at The Committee Building (dot com). Supervillain sci-fi farcical morality jam STOP AND GO, and a property my deviantArt followers should have passing familiarity with, THE FOWL -- with more comics to come. Check it out: .

This new Fowl series is plotted in conjunction with Jesse Snavlin, writer and creator of Stop and Go, who both letters and writes the scripts for me to pencil and ink from. It updates on friday and monday in eight-page segments, each starting on the first friday of the month. We're halfway into the second segment right now. These things crank out fast. It's sketchy and dirty and fun. And murder on my hand, but whatever. I've got another.

These stories find us in a bayou-style Parris City, where police Detective Madeline Cross is still feeling out the balance between the narrow life of a good cop and her illicit partnership with a far younger and poorer avian vigilante, still in the first year of his peculiar line of work. This book is less interested in being a spooky superhero story than being a horror/crime book with a masked man who just happens to be in it -- and not even the star, really. It'll be a shift, but you'll get used to it soon enough. Believe me, these are the comics I wished I was doing the whole time I was drawing the initial run of the comic.

New stories, new continuity, new terrors and human monstrosities that no one could possibly deliver you from -- save, perhaps, for a masked man who might as well be nobody at all. Read on:… .

How's things with you? Sound off.
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I've been getting into trouble, mostly.

The world's WAY bigger than I'd thought it to be. By which I mean, there's spots in it that're bigger than the actual space they take up. Hotels with one more floor than they are tall. Hidden streets. You've seen this, if you think back hard enough. There's whole promenades in between the backs of businesses, entire communities you'll just blink and miss rolling down the 5 South. It's like the brain, storing its processing power in those roadmap wrinkles. The world's bigger on the inside, is what I'm getting at. It's all full of stuff. Predominantly good stuff, in my estimation. Keeping the bad stuff to a minimum, that's down to all of us.

My main online presence these days is my tumblr, which can be reached here: .

How's things with you all?
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So yes, it is my twenty-first birthday. I'm working hard to finish a thing for a thing (not Avery-related, but just as cool in its own way) while eating a Big Town Hero sandwich with roast beef and no cheese and later Justin Gordon and I will go out and drink various somethings that'll make our eyes hurt tomorrow morning.

Big thanks to everyone who's wished me well, and please know that I reciprocate your sentiments five-fold and ten.

Blog update this weekend, now that there's finally something to say.

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Busier than ever I've been, happier than ever I've known. Tomorrow's brilliant bastard sun rises over an ocean of soy milk and honey whose tides wash up on a beach of granulated diamond possibility, and I'm not looking away even to blink.

AVERY was well-recieved at Emerald City (you can read the sample pages right here ). Some very shiny leads evidenced themselves -- the next few weeks will tell, with both the Stumptown convention and my twenty-first birthday waiting just around the bend. I'm moving and shaking, I'm making friends and influencing people, and my partner JD's got my back every step of the way. Here, you can read all about it at the blog -- . Follow me to victory. It'll be a gas.

And for some who've expressed interest in the matter -- yes, I'm now working out of Portland, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest region of the US of A. I'm always up for coffee or rollerderby, so don't be shy. That's what emails are for.
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So last week I announced my departure from the Private Files of the Fowl -- which, for those who came in late, is a spooky mystery/superhero comic I've been writing and drawing for a while. In spite of this super clever and eloquent declaration (seen here:… ), I've still been getting people asking me where I get off quitting this modern masterpiece of science and crime.


My first original comic book effort was GADGET-MAN, a texas-based techno sleuth whose black facemask and withering sarcasm hid a face deformed by industrial sabotage. Cutting his teeth in battle against the sinister Mister Identity and the flame-throwing Trailblazer, Gadget-Man eventually teamed up with Captain Democracy, Metalman, Captain Elastic, and Hermes to form a superteam, "Global Task Force, Unlimited". He eventually rebuilt his face through cybernetic prosthetics, married fellow tecno-crimefighter Tomahawk (of the rival superteam "the En4cers"), and retired to the life of a UT professor, as his daughter continued the good fight in the guise of Gadget-Girl.

This would have been 2001. I'm eleven years old. The first comic is drawn entirely in pencil.

The next big thing was the world of AVION CITY, a savage American metropolis caught in the grips of third world-level urban decay. Civil structure had collapsed, local government giving way to vicious gangs and crime bosses who resembled warlords more than mobsters, with far darker creatures lurking in the sewers and alleyways and closets. Standing between victim and victimizer was the Avion City Police Department, two dozen members strong, spearheaded by the aged, scarred, tough-as-nails Lieutenant Jo Razorbaque and his right hand confederate Detective Mae Soi, fighting tooth and nail to take back a city gone to hell. But Soi and Razorbaque had a secret weapon -- the bestial vigilante known as Blackbird, a being of few words, dark secrets, and deep compassion. A handful of cops and a creature of the night against a city trying its best to return to the stone age.

Now, Avion City was a late middle school, early high school joint. Let's say 2003/2004. Some comics, lots of prose short stories, all very much the product of an early teenager who didn't much cotton to being in California. The stories never really had an end… I guess they're still there, Jo and Mae and the beleaguered Blackbird, fighting gangs of killers and protecting the suffering poor.

And in 2005, as covered here (… ), I created THE FOWL. You should see the first sketches… he had a hat. In his initial conception (in a series of prose novelettes), he was a masked serial killer with a sneering sense of humor who targeted the Paris (one "r") City mafia to avenge his dead mother. He was assisted by his spunky, freckled, cockney maid Polly, the only person who knew his true identity; Stephen DeMoge, young CEO of Calvin Baker Steelworks, who had an awkward, blossoming romance with his secretary, Erica Sinclair. The series ended with the Fowl retiring after successfully destroying the crime family that did him wrong, only to be pulled back into action by the emergence of a criminal mastermind called "the Laugh", who killed using a rare hallucinogenic poison. Learning the Fowl's true identity, the Laugh slew poor Erica out of spite. Unhinged by this heartbreak, the Fowl devoted himself fully to fighting crime, forming a team of assistants and (presumably) dying bitter and alone at age eighty-nine.

In 2007, just after I got my Eagle Scout, I retooled and rebooted it all as The Private Files of the Fowl (… ). This part you know. More of a supernatural component, more focus on the Fowl's illness, and a more experienced Fowl besides.

It was better, sure. That's me. Always getting better.

Early in 2010, my art-crush JD Smith asked me if I wanted to do a proper full-length-sell-it-to-publishers-and-begin-our-path-to-godhood graphic novel… me on the writing end, him on the art end. I said something like fuck yes, brother, let's punch a hole in the sun and never die, just let me think of something. And I saw all the Raymond Chandler novels on my bookshelf and I thought about how dull and derivative most pulp-inspired comics are these days, and how cool it would be if David Bowie was actually the Shadow, and…

…and I just finished editing the first issue of AVERY. It's a punk rock Philip Marlowe mystery with every pulp trope I can think up reimagined and repurposed for the twenty-first century. I don't think there's ever been a book quite like it. It's good. It's the best thing I've ever written -- and halfway through issue two, I can already tell it's going to be even better.

So why am I leaving the Fowl?


And furthermore:


Get it?

Of course you get it. You're Fowl readers. You're smart people. At the very least, you've gotten good at deciphering my particular brand of inscrutability.

In the meantime, you can follow Avery's progress at the workblog ( ), and catch the last entry into the Fowl's Private Files -- as well as the debut of an exciting new character -- over at Cranky Octopus (… ).

And don't sweat, Fowl fans. I mean, I'M not going anywhere.
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Why, yes, the current Fowl story IS fantastic, thanks for asking!…

Things I’m up to now, because sometimes people ask:

For those who still don’t know, I’m actually a very young thing of twenty and was, until recently, enrolled in a semi-respectable university in northern California. I’m taking this year off to make some money and keep an eye on my family, but the plan is to rejoin academia at a respectable-respectable southern Californian university this time next year -- so I’m working on making that happen, all writing essays and filling out forms. It’s a little daunting, I’m not gonna lie. This new place has students who actually apply themselves and take pride in their school and have multi-ethnic study sessions under trees in the quad. Me, I’m just a dreamy-eyed comic jockey with a weird accent and great hair. I mean, I hope they’ll take me. Must be how Tarzan felt on his way to England.

But for now, Dan Schkade is an educational hobo, grifting his way to a bigger bank account. I’m pulling two jobs, only one of which involves working with large shards of broken glass, so that’s pretty cool. I pop up here and there doing caricatures at parties and fundraisers. Sometimes I unload a truck at the local Aaron Brothers and I don’t steal anything, you jerks, stop looking at me like that. Point is, I’m ranking green in 2010 America, and I’m grateful as it gets.

Little thing: Went in for a physical, and I’m telling you my new doctor looks just like Superman. Has the chin, the chest, even the hair. You don’t realize it when you’re reading the comic books or watching the cartoons or what have you, but if a guy is six foot plus and brawny, he is a Big. Damn. Guy. There was even this scrawny, blemishy little med student with him, as if to enhance the mighty frame of SuperDoc.  I like girls and whatever, but all of a sudden I understood where Lois Lane was coming from all those years. Or rather, where she was trying to get to. ‘Cause, damn.

What else? I’m writing a lot. AVERY, the working title for my big big project with JD, putters along at a lazy clip, gradually accruing momentum. The next PRIVATE FILES OF THE FOWL story, which sees the return of Dan Schkade as artist and writer, goes live the week before Halloween -- although I admit I’ll be sad to see the current story come to an end, for with it comes the demise of the twice-weekly updates. Probably.  FOWL/KITSUNE is in production, and the pages Lee’s churned out thus far have been rad as a cad, so be on the lookout for that beast beginning sometime around Thanksgiving. I’ve done the cover for the next issue of VIGIL, so watch for that next week (and keep watching, the week after that). I’ve been working on another Large Thing for Cranky Octopus, but Gene won’t let me tell you about it yet. Stupid Gene. There’s also this dynamite two-page short for MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURE MAGAZINE, but production on that doesn’t start until November, so we’ll talk about that later. And another thing in October, but again – wait, it’s October now. Shit.

That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? I better pawn some of this off on somebody. Get Ghost Writer in on this. Remember that show? Ghost Writer. If we could get Ghost Writer to team up with Wishbone, that would be it for me. The epoch of happiness and cool. I’d put away my Dan costume and retire from crimefighting if that ever happened.

Wait, what?

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...might want to check out the new Fowl page today, and every Tuesday and Friday to come. It's gonna get craaazy.…

(Read the page here.)

Seriously. Gonna get weird. But in that kind of sweet, tender way. It's horror... with heart. What can I say, I'm a big softie inside.

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THE FOWL – KILLERS IN BLOWN YOUTH wrapped up this past Tuesday, as you can see 'ere:… . What did you think? Tell me, tell me.

Today, enjoy the revamped edition of my JD Smith's Stephen DeMoge short story, PROSPECT:… . Really, it's just the lettering that's changed – the art's fly enough as is.

Big progress this week on that mystery project with that mystery artist. Another couple weeks, you might even be lucky enough to see some of it, eh? Eh.

SO HEY LISTEN something cool is happening: in the not-too-distant future, you'll be treated to a feature-length comic adventure featuring THE FOWL and Lee Gaston's canid crimefighter KITSUNE, with art from the man himself ( :icongaston25: ) and words by yours truly. This'll be Kistune's sequential art debut, so be sure tune in. Don't worry, I'll remind you when it comes. Stay on your toes, though. Kitsune strikes without warning.

It's crossover season, really – there's a couple of Fowl team-ups currently in pre and post-production that I can't really tell you about (I know, I'm sorry, I am), but I CAN say they're with some long-running DeviantArt OC's and you'd best beware, 'cause some are coming SOONER THAN YOU DARE THINK. True fact. Seriously, it's like The Brave and the Bold over here.

…the Daring and the Deft, maybe? Is that lame? I dunno, I kind of dig it. Anyhow, stay tuned.

And lastly, SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD? If you grew up during the 90's, you'll love it. If not, you'll at least be charmed by it, like talking to a foreign girl who's geeking out about something you've never heard of and even if you had you can't understand a word she's saying but she's super into whatever it is and so you kind of are as well by proxy. Just don't see it sad. I saw it sad, and that was a bad trip. Then I went back to it in a non-sad mood and just loved the hell out of it. They play the Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb" at the best possible moment.

That is such a great song, reactionary feminists be damned.…

This week, see Scott Pilgrim! See it happy. Bring a date!

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Second to last page! Dig it:… .

Be back next Friday for the last page. Actually, I'm kind of lying: That last page will hit the world wide web this coming TUESDAY, as part of the Fowl's new twice-weekly updating schedule! Bam. All-new content, Fridays and Tuesdays – for the next eight weeks or so, anyhow. We'll we airing the director's cut of 'Prospect', with art by JD Smith, and then a brand new feature-length adventure limelighting Doctor Erasmus Fell, with some slick new art from Nick Foster.

After that, I'll be back with the next issue of the Fowl proper, tentatively entitled 'The Red Cypher.' I'll change my mind on that title at least five times by tomorrow, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum' is still the best comedy film ever made by human men. And I just realized, Jon Pertwee -- The third Doctor Who, the one who dressed like Prince and had gadgets for every occasion – is in it for like two minutes, just long enough to drop one of the funniest lines in the flick. This movie just keeps on giving. Everyone's seen it, right?

This week, watch this movie. Seen it? Watch it again. Bring a friend. Have a party. Kiss your buddy and have a good week!

Life is good.

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Oooh, this issue’s almost done. Check the latest page, sinners:…

So as this Fowl yarn wraps up, what can you expect from the next one?

Well, I won’t lie. It’s a cliffhanger, so you can expect things to get worse before they get better. You’ll also get your first real look at the Fowl’s origins (in a peculiar sort of way I hope people will find entertaining), see a lot more of Lt. Cross and her cop compatriots, and just generally get more personal with Parris City’s paranormal proletariat. Someone will die! But it’s no one important, so whatever.

So I’ll be doing this next issue, and then a short epilogue, and then BAM! I stop drawing the Fowl for a while so I can draw this other thing I want to draw. But I’ll still be writing the comic, which means I’ll be needing someone to draw it for, oh, fifty pages or so.

That seemed like a scary number in my head, but it doesn’t actually sound like much, does it? One artist for a fifty-page stint. I’ve got a few people in mind already, and I’ll surely be bribing them with chocolates and discount prostitutes over the coming months… but if anyone feels like they’re game enough to throw their name into the hat, send me a note or an email or a smoke signal or something.

Oh, someone asked me what I thought of BBC’s new miniseries, SHERLOCK? I finally watched the first two episodes; smartly scripted, well acted, sexycool, and modern without coming across as pandering or gimmicky. It’s also just a little bit scary, and that comes entirely from Holmes, which is an interesting twist. He’s got a powerful brain and a low tolerance for boredom and that makes him one dangerous human being. It also makes Watson more important than ever, being his buddy and, in a way, his manager. There’s one more episode to go. It’s said that there’ll be more of this iteration of Holmes and Watson, and I sincerely hope that’s so – the great detective has a laptop and a camera phone and crime is thusly doomed.

Did you have a good week? I had a good week. Let’s both have a good week starting


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Hey! New page:… .

So you know what was pretty good? DC's new animated film, BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD.

The DC Animated Original Movies, as they've been called, have mostly received apathetic reviews from local Dans. Their previous effort, though – "Crisis on Two Earths" – was awarded five Fowls out of five, so the Dan community decided to give DC's next try a fair shake. Shook they did, and although "Under the Red Hood" rattled a bit, it held up well.

The film starts out rough, but hits its stride somewhere in the second act. What shines throughout the entire seventysomething minutes is the ANIMATION. It's smooth. It's sweet as honey. This is the first cartoon I've ever seen that really seems to capture how Batman and his sidekicks would move – as Batman and Nightwing are chasing the Red Hood over rooftops or fighting Amazo (a head-scratching element that throws off the first act a bit), you can see they've trained as acrobats, free-runners, and military-Jason-Bourne-explosive-expert-what-have-yous and how that training is incorporated into being Gotham's high-flying crimefighters. It's not a bloodfest, which makes the action more of an aesthetic experience than the violence-porn seen in other recent animated endeavors, yet it still retains the tension and intimacy that keeps it from self-indulgence. And the Joker's face moves like Scar from the Lion King, which I think is just fine.

Beyond the fun of guys in Kevlar throwing each other into bathroom sinks, there's some real emotional beats that played much better than I would have thought. The story – spoilers, I guess? – is that one of Batman's old sidekicks comes back from the grave to get his revenge, both on his murderer and on his mentor. Much of the film is basically a father trying to figure out how to help his son, after they both feel the father let him down. The script may be hackneyed here and there, but that's a nerve that hurts no matter how you press it. The character designs include subtle alterations between the main action and the flashback sequences to show how the characters, especially Bruce Wayne, have grown older over the years, enhancing the feeling of time lost to bad choices. And the last scene, especially the last line – well, you've got to see it for yourselves, but it left me kind of shaken.

Brotherhood, fatherhood, and male relationships in general are prevalent themes here. I'd say "Under the Red Hood" is the most gay-friendly Batman film to date – and not the feathers-and-glitter ignorant-straight-person idea of gays. The relationships between these men (all non-sexual) are given the weight and relevance they deserve, and the word "love" is not shied away from as it so often is. Nightwing in particular gives off a pretty strong gay vibe, and several male characters throughout the film take casual notice of this. I'm not saying this film shows us a gay Batman, kids – I'm just not saying it doesn't.

Action in spades, just enough heart, and a hilarious rendition of the Black Mask: "BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD" comes recommended to those who don't mind a little cheese with their steak.

Enjoy the week, friends and neighbors.

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Another week, another page that proves I never would have survived under the Comics Code. Click here to seduce the innocent:…

{This page went up yesterday, but SDCC kept me from posting the FOWL FRIDAYS segment until now.}

I'm writing this on my phone, cooling my heels at the Old Globe after the San Diego Comic Con. I walked -- braving roving monks and speeding drunks along the way. Dan Schkade, man of adventure. As long as the adventure ends relatively soon after it begins.

A few yards off, in the Globe proper, a production of "Taming of the Shrew" nears intermission. The audience has had two hours to adjust to Shakespearian English – from my bench, I can hear dull peals of laughter. I've never seen a show at the actual Globe in London (which was rebuilt to include sprinklers to prevent it from burning down again), although I visited, once. My mother's name is carved into one of the benches, if you look for it.

A buddy of mine got in to see a screening of 'Scott Pilgrim versus the World.' Apparently, the applause went on until five minutes after the credits were over. Hell, my buddy is still applauding now. So that's something to look forward to, eh?

Also, I head DC might be moving their offices to Los Angeles. Living in southern California, this is interesting news.

God, it's cold out here! And there's mosquitoes! Worst of both worlds!

Have a week full of brief adventures and bug spray.

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This week's page BLED me, ladies and gents. Look upon my works. This is my blood, given up so that you can see people in costumes headbutting monsters;… .

Instead of me droning on about Wonder Woman's new choker or whatever, why don't you take a peek at the writing of Justin Gordon, one of the sharpest poetic novelists of my twentysomething demographic. His blend of prose and verse is more seamless than the most seamless thing ever in the book of world records, and you can shave diamonds on his wit. I cannot recommend him enough, although I do try. Here's the link: .

Recently, I've come across "Drawing Silence": an abstract webcomic – to my knowledge, the first and perhaps only one of its caliber, if not its kind. From what I can tell, it's just reached a sort of climax. Here, see for yourselves: .

Speaking of webcomics: if you're not reading "Plan B" already, get hip. It's supervillain revenge romance comedy action, with heart and style and zowie – updates slowly, but has me checking everyday. You can hop on the current arc if you want, but real ballers will want to start at the beginning – you'll be caught up before you know it, page-turner that it is. Check it auht: .

And lastly, my favorite new read – The Magic Pen. Anyone who works on, in, or around comics will surely relate. .

Did everyone have a good week? I hope so. Do it again.

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You want a new Fowl page? I got a new Fowl page:… A little late, but hey, what's half a day between friends?

This was a good week for Dan productivity. One Fowl page, two Acrobat pages, and a hunk of progress on another major writing project with an artist you all know and love and I am now being enigmatic. Re-did my bedroom. Got a bunch of lamps. Shined my shoes. Interviewed for a new job. Got my voicemail set up. Went to class, wrote an essay. Ate more and better. Watched 'Blackpool' and 'Book Group', in their entirety, and am now hanging out with buddies, watching something Japanese and writing this week's FOWL FRIDAYS.

I did other things as well, but that would be boasting.

Let's see if we can do the same this week, hey?

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New page! It’s spoooooky one. Check it out:…

Leave a comment, if the spirit moves you. I totally answer them.

So, news. For those of us who don’t read the New York Times or frequent the internet, the big comic-related news this week is this: Wonder Woman now has pants. Or trousers, if you’re gonna be all British about it. Dig it:… .

Personally, I’m a fan. I can nitpick here and there (not crazy about the choker, but I love the little stars on the jacket), but mainly I think it’s a good thing. It’s tough, it’s punk, it’s attractive. Comics’ flagship female superhero is getting a proper 21st century revamp, one that makes her look like she’s an actual female who possesses at least half an ounce of fashion sense.  Of course, this look works primarily because they’re redoing her origin as well as her wardrobe – in this new version, the island home of the Amazons is destroyed when Diana is just a wee baby, leaving her to be raised on the mean streets of urban America by… secret refugee Amazons, I think? Anywhich, she’s one half mystical royalty, one half scrappy street fighter. It’s like they were wracking their brains over how to rejuvenate Wonder Woman and then the Netflix copy of ‘The Warriors’ came in the mail and the lightbulbs just LIT UP. But back on point, I like this. It’s new, it’s different, it’s (hopefully) better than what the character’s been until now. Not that she’s been a bad character, mind you, just… undercooked, I guess? Anyhow, what seals the deal for me is this: my Ma loves the new costume. I’m so stoked. She’s always loved Wonder Woman in theory, but the metal swimsuit sort of got her down. But GONE is that depressing one-piece! The Princess of the Amazons has some goddamn trousers and chest support. Maybe now she can get down to business, and by ‘business’ I mean cracking heads and changing hearts and giving young girls a proper badass to want to be when they grow up.

I also love that Dick Grayson is Batman and Bruce Wayne’s bastard son is Robin. So Dick, the first Robin, is all grown up and literally steps into his dad’s shoes -- a timely hero for twenty year-old Dan, no? Plus, he, too, has gained pants. Proper pants, not that Nightwing leotard. Yes, the time has come to leave the bare legs in the century that spawned them, pull on some slacks, and blaze a new tomorrow through the kicking of ass.

Have a week full of pants.

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Life grinds on, a grand machine that makes the future. Here's the new page:… .

So my grandfather passed away this last Tuesday -- quietly, in his sleep. Tom Ferrier.  He was eighty-seven years old, give or take, and it was by no means unexpected. We're all very happy for him, naturally. If you don't want to get all spiritual about it, he's at least free of the pains that come with living in a body that survived the twentieth century, and five kids besides. More importantly, he's free of a life without his beloved Rita, who died on Christmas Day some six years ago. If you're like me, though… if you believe that the spirit persists beyond the death of the body, moving on to new planes of existence with new physics to figure out and new problems to beat – well, he's got that going for him. I hope heaven isn't real. Good souls like Tom and Rita are too valuable an asset to waste on eternal bliss. Better to battle the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune for a million forevers to come, making the world – whatever world – that much more RIGHT for their being there.  I pity whatever adversity pits itself against the cosmic goodness that is Tom and Rita.

Either way, this week's page is dedicated to Thomas Daniel Ferrier – a musician who hated everybody and loved his fellow man and married the most wonderful woman in the world, and together they created the most wonderful woman in the world 2.0, who some years later would help create one Daniel Thomas Schkade. Whatever mark I leave on this brave new century can be laid at his feet. Just as long as it gets laid at mine, first.

Have a great week, everybody, comprised of lots of fine days and soft breezes.

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Man alive, this was a WEEK. But hey! New page:… . Leave a comment, or maybe a short poem.

For those who asked last week, turns out them finals went from well to very damn well indeed. I’d like to attribute that, at least in part, to all of your positive energy directed Danwise, so cheers and high fives to everyone and their sisters too.

In other news, the new Doctor Who rules. The episodes themselves are either 'just okay' or 'rather good', but Matt Smith as the new Doctor rules a small kingdom of rad. He’s all mobile and smiley, but in the detached way of a nutty professor (or sometimes a politician). So far, he seems to be the Doctor whose dress and manner most resembles everyone’s favorite Texas-born lactose-intolerant Doom Patrol aficionado (c’est moi). He seems to be a little bit of a sneaky prick, too. This only supports the previous statement.

SO: on this page, we see a little of south Parris City’s hottest all-girl alt-rock group, LADYPARTS. Turns out there’s a band called “Lady Parts” already -- see, they’ve got a MySpace and everything… -- but whatevs, I’m not changing it. Bring it on, Lady Parts. I’d pit MY Ladyparts against yours anytime, provided you first buy me dinner.

Right. So that’s my fictional band (well, that and ‘Ben Parker and the Waynes’). Anybody else got one? You come up with something amusing enough, maybe I'll put it in the comic with you as the lead singer. It'll be like your birthday and your kid's first bike-ride all in one!

Enjoy the week, everybody. You deserve it.

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  • Eating: My problems. For breakfast.
Finals week! No new page for you. Instead, I give to you these nifty sketches of possible things to come:… . Discuss.

Year two of college under my thirty-inch belt. The stress of preparation has passed, and the relief/terror cocktail of waiting for the results is mixed and ready. Summer is fat with possibility – I’ve got a couple juicy projects to chew on, which I’ve been looking forward to for a while. So have you, you just don’t know it yet.

No big thoughts on the world today. You’ll survive, I’m sure.

Rock the week, everybody.

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  • Reading: Warren Ellis -- Freakangels
  • Watching: Matt Smith being a space baller on Doctor Who
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New page? New page.… .

Busy busy busy times in the life of Dan. Next week is finals week here at UCSC – will I find time to make another page come next Friday? We’ll both find out together, I guess.

Some things I’d like to see in the future:

-A gay Robin. Bruce Wayne as the supportive father figure to a young man coming into his sexuality, putting a stake in that dumb “implied pederasty” nonsense once and for all. We’ve had girl Robins and a punk robin. I want a gay Robin who kicks just as much criminal ass as any of the others.

-A good Lone Ranger movie, done in the style of the TV show. This means his face is obscured up until the point where he first dons his mask -- so the first time we see his eyes, they’re peering out from behind eyeholes.  I found that incredibly cool when I began watching the show a few months back, and I’d like it in my Lone Ranger movie, please. If Johnny Depp wants to be Tonto, so much the better.

-A Doctor Who companion over the age of sixty. A serious romantic companion, to boot. Because it’d be interesting and would make me smile and it’s 2010, folks. Time to get risky.

-Passively, A death metal band and a full church choir collaborating on a Christmas album. I feel like this already exists. If anyone knows anything, speak up... and if not a Christmas album, I’d like this collaboration to tackle the Star Spangled Banner, a rendition I’d like to see used in the Captain America trailer.

And in the immediate future, I’d like to see myself survive my finals. This, I think, is doable.

Have a great week, everybody.

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  • Reading: Wagner/Kaluta -- 'Madame Xanadu'
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